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Recommendations for Camping for the First Time

If it is spring or summer from seasons, all of you have dreamed that you can reach your tent life without any obstacles. Of course, this applies to those who have adopted the camp life. If you’ve never camped before, but if you’re on fire and don’t dare, you’ve got the size that we’ve offered before us, but before you go to work, you’ll get money and buy a nice tent. The wider and further away your tent, the greater the pleasure you will get from the camp. The claim is that once you get used to camping, you will never pay again.

1 – Go with someone who has camping experience

This is our first rule rather than the advice. It doesn’t matter how many people you go to, you will have a lot of difficulty if not even one of you has ever camped before. Intertwined with nature, waking up with the sounds of birds, gathering around the fire is also beautiful, if you are far from fighting with nature, even if you do not even know how to light fire, this holiday will return to you as poison. If you go with someone who has camping experience, you will have problems with where, how to set up your tent, how to light a fire, how to cook, what to take with you and many more.

2 – Have all your car checks

The distance may be short, but ultimately you will get a lot of load on that car, you will have to go the next dirt road. Review your car so you don’t stay on the road

3 – Be sure to check the weather

The weather conditions of some regions can be highly variable. So it may not be enough to just check it out before you leave, it should be at your fingertips. It is useful to look at the weather 3-4 times a day. If you don’t look like this; The dirt road you come to is slippery by the effect of rain and if you don’t have 4×4, you’re trapped in your tent.

4 – Make a Shopping List

This will not only waste your time, but also helps you to keep the account at home in the market. Or else that shop will cost you more than you think. I’m aware, I’m a pain camper. The victim of us, our car was a fault of course, but we can not create a list, but the cost of our credit card was reflected in a very nice. If you don’t get greedy, just go to your needs and if you can determine the amount of things you will get based on the number of days you will stay, it is super for you.

5 – Don’t forget to take them

What are these? Mat and sleeping bag; What happens if you do not take, you are kept and very cold. The blanket is never enough. Head lighthouse; if you have to set up tents in the dark like us, at the end of the night, you’ll have to hug your headlight and sleep. When the darkness falls, your best friend will be the headlight while going to the toilet, your tent, searching for something in your tent. Hand towel; Unfortunately the beach towels do not function the same. When you wash your face and brush your teeth, the towel in your bathroom always comes before your eyes. Fly repellent; of those exiled. Otherwise you get the information they’re biting bad. Other than these, you will need charcoal to light fire and camping chairs to sit. Let this be a separate article.

6 – Never Leave Your Tent Zipper Open

If you leave, then you’re very welcoming. You will have to do hours of operation when the flies don’t put you to sleep in the morning, but you know. As long as you keep the zipper of your tent closed, no insect, no fly, nothing can enter your tent. This also applies when you are inside the tent. So if you haven’t camped for so many years because of insect phobia, there is a solution to this as seen.

7 – Eat Energizing Things

There should be something to energize your shopping list. When I say energizing, I mean sweet things. Of course, not such poor quality sweet things, things like peanut butter. Hazelnut, pistachio, molasses bars and so on, you can get from them. 1-2 pieces of your favorite biscuits, chocolate, etc. Keep things with you. Then you can have honey. Of course, frying marshmallows over the fire in the evening is also quite enjoyable. I’ve tried it for the first time, it tastes very fried. I suggest you try it.

8- Wear Old and Very Little Clothes

Or you’il be upset. Because once they get too dirty. There will always be soil or sand stains. Come on, wash it off, the fire sparks can jump, you can hang on the tree branch. There’s no turning back. Since you won’t be in a place where you can enter the race of elegance with anyone, what’s the need to wear new and favorite things? When something happens to you, it would be the most sensible to take your clothes with you, which will not hurt you deeply.

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