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List Of Places to Visit In Turkey

Mardin Stone Houses

Mardin is a city where religions are blended. Especially the stone houses attract the attention of the city, you will be fascinated with the visual.

Aspendos Ancient Theater

A.D. It was built by the Romans in the 2nd century. It is one of the best preserved historical buildings with a capacity of 15 thousand people. It is 49 km away from Antalya.

Lake Salda

Turkey called the Maldives will fascinate you with its magnificent view of this place. The beautiful white sands and blue waters of the lake fascinate those who see it.

Lake of Egirdir

The lake is located in Isparta. The view of the seasons is perfect every day of the year. The original color is cyan, but in some days and hours it takes on different colors.

Ulubey Canyon

The world’s second largest canyon in the province of Uşak Ulubey Canyon canyon on the cliff with a glass terrace can experience a different experience.


It is known for its historical buildings of Lycia, Rome and Byzantium. If you fall here, you can see the fire that has been burning in Çıralı for 3 thousand years and you can enjoy both history and nature on its magnificent beach and sea.


The Harput district of Elazığ brings stones to open-air museums. In structures that contain worth the Virgin Mary Church, Grand Mosque, the Castle, Ice cave and among the places to be visited in the front planda.türkiye the museum.

Ayder Plateau

You can enjoy the cool weather in the plateau of Rize, Çamlıhemşin. It is covered with highland, spruce and beech forests. In addition to its rich flora, it manages to attract enough attention.


One of the best addresses for a quiet holiday. While on holiday, you can also witness history. Don’t forget to visit the Genoa castle, church and museum.


A large number of domestic and foreign tourists each year to the place to be seen in Turkey Pamukkale located in the first row again flock to this region.

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