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Louvre – Paris, France

The Louvre Museum, one of the most impressive places and museums in the world, perhaps even at the top of the list, is located on 73,000 square meters (in other words up to 10 football fields) and has more than 350 thousand works in total, although not all are shown to visitors. recorded as. Considering the material and spiritual values ​​of the works in its collection, it is not surprising that nearly 10 million tourists visit this place every year.

Information about the Louvre Museum

Although there are more than 350 thousand works in the Louvre Museum collection, it is open to visitors at any time and the number of exhibits is around 35 thousand. If these figures don’t mean anything to you yet, let me tell you this: If you examine each piece of art exhibited in the museum for about 1 minute, it will take you 35 thousand minutes, 73 days to see all the works. In the meantime, you must be looking at the works for 8 hours in a row every day. In other words; if you are going to visit the World’s Largest Museum and you don’t have 73 days, it is highly recommended that you explore some of the galleries, works of art exhibited here and see only those of interest. But before moving to that part, let us briefly talk about the history of the Louvre Museum and get to know this impressive place from its first day.

Louvre Museum History

Originally used as a museum today, the building was originally built as a castle. Built by King Philippe Auguste in 1190, this castle was converted into a mansion by King Charles V in the early 14th century and in the 16th century King François I used it as the Royal Palace. In this period, the foundation of the Royal Art Collection was laid with 12 paintings brought from Italy, and then the collection was continuously added. In addition, the royal family of the period was not only satisfied with collecting works of art; Charles established two art academies here. When the Royal Family moved to Versailles Palace in 1793, the Louvre was opened to the public as a museum with a total of 537 works. Of course, the expansion of the collection accelerated after this date, and today more than 350 thousand works have been reached in a very short time.

Louvre Museum Picture Collection

The collection was first started by King François I. with the works of masters such as Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo De Vinci, Rosso, Primaticcio and grew rapidly between the 13th and 19th centuries. Today, the most valuable pieces of the collection, including Mona Lisa, Saint Jean Baptiste and Madame Récamier, are exhibited in the Louvre Museum Painting Collection.

Louvre Museum Sculpture Collection

When the museum was opened in 1793, the collection contained a rare number of sculptures. In addition to the works of masters such as Michelangelo, Raphael and Carracci, many valuable works were added to the sculpture collection of Louvre Museum in 1824, and especially after the French Revolution, the sculpture collection of the Louvre Museum was opened to visitors in 1824.

Glass Pyramid of the Louvre Museum

Chinese Architect I.M. The 21-meter-high glass pyramid built by Pei in 1989 is another interesting work in the Louvre Museum. In fact, this pyramid, which is frequently seen in paintings, documentaries and films, is not the only one, but the largest of the 4 glass pyramids around the Louvre. Although the Louvre Museum, which is dedicated to historical and antiquity, and the fact that this modern structure is irrelevant, the glass pyramid represents a graceful combination of old and modern.

About the Most Important Works of the Louvre Museum

Of course, all of the 35,000 works exhibited are extremely valuable, but as I said at the beginning of the article, visiting the entire museum would be a visit that would take weeks or even months. So the smartest thing to do is to explore the collections that interest you in this World’s Largest Museum. You can also visit the most important works of art in the galleries. In fact, the article was very long, but let me talk about the most popular and most popular works in the Louvre Museum, perhaps a useful list for enthusiasts.

Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is of course one of the most popular works of the museum. In addition to this, Gericault’s Medusa’s Tuesday, Jan Vermeer’s Lace Girl, Milo Venus and Marly Horses statues, Michelangelo’s Two Slave statues, Medieval Trench ruins and Perrault Row Columns should not leave the museum.

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