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Ukraine – Poltava

The city of Poltava, located in the northern part of Ukraine, dates back to 1174 years. The city, which is also the administrative unit of the same oblast with its own name, has an airport and 3 universities. Poltava, which has witnessed war and destruction many times in history, but has been rebuilt, is the most historical city in Ukraine. It attracts a wealth of tourists with its historical, cultural monuments and museums. Poltava Airport, which has domestic and international flights for about 5 years ago, is not used today. The use of Ukrainian has become widespread especially in the city, which is also small in size. Although all the people speak Russian or their mother tongue is Russian, they generally use their own language, Ukrainian. The use of English in the city is very low, but the number of people who speak English is very low.

About Poltava

Since the 1980s, we can say that Poltava has developed rapidly in the oil, gas, chemical, mining, automotive, electrical and textile industries. Today, although small, it is a city that has come to the forefront with its industry and hosts very important factories. More than half of the city’s population is working, and it is known that there are 11,200 students in the city. The city is named after the Latava River, which passes through the city.
After the airport in the city stopped working, the questions about how to get to Poltava became even more important. If you want to go to the city from anywhere except Russia, the best and shortest way would be to use Kharkiv airport. There are daily train, bus and airport shuttles to get to Kharkiv from Poltava, 143 km away. In addition, if you want to go by private taxi, you can go for 80 dollars, or you can rent a car from the airport. The city is 340 km from Kiev, 900 km from Lviv, 570 km from Odessa and 190 km from the city of Dnipro. Unlike other Ukrainian roads, when you want to go from Kharkiv, the roads are quite well maintained and beautiful. You can reach the city within 2 hours by car and within 3 hours by bus and train.

Weather forecast

Due to its proximity to Russia in the northern part of the city Ukraine, the weather in Poltava is slightly harsher than in the whole country. Particularly in winter, snow remains in places for almost 5 months. In winter, night coldness down to -30 degrees in the city is seen frost events. The 4 months of the year are rainy and the summers are cooler than other cities.

Poltava Hotel

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