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Acquaintances Cyprus is an island nation within the Mediterranean Sea. Just recently once I went to Cyprus, Instagram: As i have instructed quite a bit in my account at Birhayalinpesine, it is extremely, very effortless to go to Cyprus and to talk over with Cyprus.

Cyprus is located approximately 70 km a ways faraway from Turkey. So much in order that, from the northern part of the TRNC, Turkey in an open air can also be obvious.

If you will Cyprus, I suppose you must no longer only go for nightlife and on line casino tradition. On the grounds that TRNC is a location with each historic and cultural values.

For instance, earlier than you go, you will have to understand as a preliminary know-how about Cyprus:

In Cyprus, there is not any consulate of a nation rather than Turkey. However countries like the U.S. And the United Kingdom have representatives.
Born and raised Cypriot residents have European Union passports. Nonetheless, those who find themselves residents of Cyprus will not be granted this proper.
Cyprus, Turkey, besides for those, there are no direct flights of an airline corporation. There are best flights from Turkey. Nevertheless, tour companies or private companies can go to Cyprus by way of organizing constitution flights.

Cyprus was once an island that was as soon as a British colony. Until the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation, there was no South-North big difference. It used to be often called the island of Cyprus. However specifically in 1963, after the printing of the island towards the Turks, Turkey didn’t take far more and was once out. I say do not go to Cyprus without investigating this challenge in detail. The Museum of Barbarism, certainly in Nicosia, is for your journey route.
On the island of Cyprus, in fact best the territory of Cyprus is well-known by means of different nations. Consistent with the United international locations and the Council of Europe, the northern neighborhood is occupied.
By the way, Cypriots are very expert. 70% of the TRNC population is school graduates and 76% speaks a overseas language.
Despite the fact that the currency is TL; most of the time the dollar and euro are also valid.
Traffic is flowing from the left. I mentioned it used to be an English colony round here. Even then, the tradition of visitors flowing from the left still continues.
Even the sockets are one of a kind from us nevertheless it may not be a drawback when you consider that there are plug converters in lodges.
Any Turkish Cypriot who wishes to have T.C. Can grow to be a citizen.
Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. Kyrenia, Famagusta is one of the biggest cities and the country’s populace is round 300,000, however scholars from universities, scholars from more than 70 exceptional countries from 150,000 to 200,000s.
The minimal wage in the country is around 2,500 TL but in particular the rents are very highly-priced. For example, the rent of a small rental in Kyrenia is around 400 kilos per thirty days. Car bargains on the island are dollars; home bargains are made in pounds.
The TRNC cannot take part in lots of international corporations. Football is one in every of them. Considering the fact that they are now not recognized. But lately, badminton, billiards, etc. Well-known in tournaments.
Cyprus is sunny close to 330 days of the year. So that you would be able to go to Cyprus both in iciness and in summer season. Despite the fact that I went in wintry weather, consider me repeatedly I visited Cyprus with t shirts.

The principal enjoyment and sales supply of Cyprus can’t be stated with out bringing up playing. We had been in the inn’s on line casino, we entered there. Normally paid drinks are served in casinos gratis. Could the humans drink, have enjoyable, play extra, lose extra. Actually, there is a inspiration playing tour I have no idea. Purchasers who’re dedicated to playing without falling beneath a specific limit can stay free even in essentially the most high priced motels. Oh, my pricey readers, I haven’t any thought about this …

We chose to not play in any respect because the forms who did not believe our good fortune with the mature. However it was very pleasing to look at Seyran taking part in roulette after he decreased his 20 pounds to practically zero inside an hour after which won back.

The hotel additionally had non-unbiased casinos in the center of Kyrenia. I by no means requested if the verify-in was once paid. It’s forbidden to take graphics as a normal rule.

With regards to looking… Drink may be very affordable in Cyprus. I read that responsibility Free on the airport is cheaper than most locations. However there are obligation free costs in the markets in Cyprus. Most often a variety of raki.

We acquired a lot of English teas as we received plenty. Twining’s Tea and Tetley-branded, unless too is costly in Turkey.

I’d wish to remind you of the halloumi cheese. Fry Fry consume.

To summarize my favourite elements of Cyprus:

easy transportation by way of aircraft.

No visa, no passport.

You’re abroad, a good opportunity to get faraway from the phone and the web.

You are overseas but you spend TL, you speak Turkish, the whole thing is easy to realize.

You’re withdrawing money from the ATMs of Turkish banks.

A scorching climate, that you could go to the outlet of the season in Turkey.

There is a chance to swim in the best seas of Famagusta and Karpaz.

No metropolitan existence.

If you want to stay in the hostel, stroll, go to one-of-a-kind shores, if you wish to spoil yourself in luxury lodges from each different.

But what do you do, give Cyprus a danger, wander, get to know it.

Information about Cyprus

Located at the intersection of Africa, Asia and Europe, Cyprus became independent with the 1960 Zurich Treaty. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) was officially established in 1983. The total length of the coast reaches 780 km. The most important settlements are known as Nicosia, Kyrenia, Gazi Magosa and Güzelyurt.

The population of Cyprus is 313.626. Population of cities:

Nicosia: 62 000
Famagusta: 54 000
Kyrenia: 38 000
Güzelyurt: 27 000
Scaffolding: 19 000

Northern Cyprus has an area of ​​3,355 km2 (36.5% of the island of Cyprus). Fully dominated by the Mediterranean climate, summers are hot and dry, winters are cool.

Where is Cyprus
Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is actually the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. Cyprus is located 96 km west of Syria, 400 km north of Egypt’s Nile Delta and about 770 km southeast of Greece’s mainland.

Cyprus is located in the middle of more than one Middle Eastern country such as Syria, Lebanon and Israel. But with the nearest border in southern Turkey. This unique position has made Cyprus a place in history as a neutral region for many diplomatic affairs.

The southern part, which constitutes two-thirds of the territory of Cyprus, is under the control of the Republic of Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus is internationally recognized as the state representing the entire island. Although all of Cyprus to the EU is ruled by the northern part of Turkey.

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