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Dubai has grow to be a global-noted traveller destination with highly-priced skyscrapers, notably designed artificial islands and theme parks, and hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the globe each yr. That you could with ease plan your go back and forth to the city, which has end up an important tourism, looking and trade middle and attracts the concentration of visitors due to Dubai journey advisor.

Dubai Travel Guide: General Information

Population: Dubai, one of the 7 emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, has a population of over 2.6 million. The UAE has the highest population.

Religion: Although the rich city has different beliefs, a large part of the population is composed of Muslims.

Official Language: Dubai, which became independent from England in 1971, is the official language of Arabic, although English is widely used in the city.

Climate: Dubai, which is located in a geography dominated by desert climate, is influenced by the high temperatures and humidity during the summer months, and the average winter temperature of 23 ° C is much more suitable for visiting the city.

Area: Located on the Arabian Peninsula, the city has a surface area of ​​4.115 km2.

Geography: Dubai, with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the south, the Sultanate of Oman in the southeast and the Emirate of Sharia in the northeast, is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

Economy: Dubai is a center of tourism, shopping, commerce, finance and has a strong economy, mostly based on oil.

Currency: The rich city, which is a tourist attraction, uses Dirham as its currency.

Time Difference: Dubai, 1 hour ahead of our country.

Visa: You can easily apply for a visa through Dubai, which requires a visa other than green and diplomatic passports.

Duration: Depending on your interests and activities, you can reserve at least 3 days and 1 week for Dubai.

History: In 1900s, with the discovery and export of oil in Dubai, a small fisherman and port town, the city’s income increased significantly.

The city, which became independent from England in 1971 and connected to the United Arab Emirates, is considered one of the most livable cities in the Middle East.

Food & Drink in Dubai

The food and drinks tradition of the town is one of the issues to be stated within the Dubai travel consultant. Within the city the place Arabic delicacies comes to the forefront, speedy food sorts, South Asian and chinese cuisines additionally stand out.

In Dubai eating places, which might be beneath the have an impact on of Indian meals, one can find shows of spicy meat dishes.

Spicy Indian dishes all set utilizing bird and lamb are traditionally preferred. Due to its cosmopolitan nature, Dubai has a variety of meals cultures and has hookah and occasional halls.

In the metropolis, where a enormous part of the population is Muslim, the sale of pork and alcohol is confined to specific authorized regulations and is offered best to non-Muslims in designated markets.

Places to visit in Dubai

Superb for cultural tourism, Dubai is an attractive tourist destination due to its noted islands made of synthetic architecture, one of the “bests“ on the earth. On account that the method of its arrival from a small fishing city to in these days, it contains many essential sightseeing facets valued at touring.

Burj Khalifa, which has the title of the tallest building on this planet, is one of the fundamental architects, so I consider it have got to be visited. The constructing with terraces, eating places and accommodations can also be listed as one of the most high of your Dubai sightseeing record.

Seek advice from the Dubai Museum in the oldest residential areas of the city, where which you can witness the prior existence styles of the Emirati. The fortress, which is an principal situation for historical past enthusiasts, is the oldest building in the metropolis.

Palm Jumeirah Island, which is a project that can be seen even from area and attracts concentration with its exclusive design, is an artificial island built on the Dubai coastline. Take a stroll across the island, an indication of the wealth of Dubai.

The Dubai Fountain and Wild Wadi Water Park are exceptional for each adults and children.

Shopping in Dubai

The city, which stands out with its strong oil-based fiscal constitution, is an essential alternate, finance and searching point. Dubai has many searching department stores such as the Dubai Mall, Ibn Batuda Mall and Dragon Markt.

Many noted and luxury manufacturer stores will also be located in Dubai büyüks large and arty searching department shops. That you could quite simply access apparel products and add-ons and electronic products that are offered at affordable costs.

Additionally to shopping centers, the Golden Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar are among the many locations favored with the aid of vacationers for looking.

You can see all varieties of jewelery that you could consider of in the golden bazaar which is one of the official bazaars of the city. The Spice Bazaar, the place you’ll find spices mainly used in Dubai cuisine, is likely one of the places that supply clues about metropolis tradition.

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