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Ankara, Capital of Turkey

Ankara, the capital. Actually, there is a lot to be written, but for an Ankara travel guide you must first get the right information from an Ankara.

Don’t take into account the discourses such as “cold city, civil city, city that does not go out to sea Ankara about Ankara. It is necessary to get to know Ankara before it is prejudiced by these discourses. I would like to introduce Ankara to you with my step by step Ankara travel guide.

In ankara, in which every season is beautiful, you’ve got many picks for breakfast. Hamamönü is a good option for breakfast with vintage ankara homes after recovery works.

In case you are searching out a nice alternative for sightseeing and ancient places in the course of the day, you ought to bypass to ankara fortress after breakfast in hamamönü. You could learn a lot approximately the records of ankara at some stage in a fifteen-minute stroll.

Despite the fact that the exact date of the fortress changed into built, it changed into not known. It has been felt since the second century. You can not get enough of the lovely view of ankara from every front. If you are lucky you may come to fairs. The entries are unfastened..

The second stop of our Ankara trip is the Rahmi M. Koç Museum, located just below the castle. This place, which was brought to Ankara with the contribution of Rahmi Koç to the museum culture, is a meaningful museum in the name of Ankara’s history of craftsmanship.

If you say you have to eat at noon, you should stop by the famous Emin Usta at the exit of the Rahmi Koç Museum. It welcomes you with its small, cozy and delicious food and friendly staff.

Mixed grill and homemade yogurt is recommended, the food is also quite affordable with delicious prices. We’re full and it’s time to start

Ulucanlar closed jail museum, which is well-known for its 80 executions, ought to be visited and witnessed a historical duration with a view to see frames from ankara’s political past.

In the evening of our ankara tour, you could locate many restaurants product of vintage mansions within the identical vicinity with the view of ankara in the castle and you may have an exciting nighttime.

You could continue your journey to ankara with the records of the city and this wonderful civilization. You have got many first-rate alternatives for breakfast at kizilay rectangular. Kumrular avenue and konur avenue is a vicinity in which the general public of cafes.

Kizilay square is the factor wherein all transportation connections of the city, in which humans are seeking to trap up in a large hurry. Right here you could sense the “bureaucrat smile indeki over the metropolis.

Okızılay is the valuable point of ankara with its proximity to all ministries and the turkish grand country wide assembly. We will retain from where we left the day before today with none problems in phrases of transportation.

Our target is the museum of anatolian civilizations in ulus. The museum, placed on the south-east facade of ankara castle, tells the history of anatolia from the hittite period to the recent beyond.

An overview of the history of Turkey as the first Parliament of the Republic of Turkey can continue to the next one, also known by the Grand National Assembly in Ankara trip. The Grand National Assembly of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was opened today as one of the important stones of our political history and shows us all its glory.

The work room of our ancestor and the rooms where other parliamentarians do their work welcome us with its simplicity and unique appearance. It is not possible for people not to be affected by their visits as Turks.

In case you want to take a lunch break on this a part of our ankara trip and are available to ankara and devour the well-known ankara doner if you do no longer say, we’re in kale.

Small shops next to the fort invite you to devour doner with a scrumptious doner which you could find until 15:00, that you can’t recognize until 14:00. You can dine and consume at the vintage stores that smell of history.

Whoever you ask uncle şerafettin, the daddy of honor of the castle, is aware of the caucasian vintage shop. You don’t need to buy whatever, cross and percentage your communication and inform you the history of the rosary. While you enter the shop, the rosary hangs at the wall in an area of ​​approximately 10-15 square meters.

You’ll have valuable information about the rosary way of life which is an essential place in turkish and ottoman history.

After this accurate communique, we will head closer to okayızılay once more. There’s no manner to return to ankara without travelling our father at his eternal resting place.

Anitkabir welcomes its traffic with all its beauty and dazzling shape. After coming into the principle gate, the fundamental starting point of the ceremonies, you switch to the mausoleum from the lion road to the presence of our ancestor.

The museum of the conflict of independence, positioned at the lower floor after the visit to the mausoleum, wherein the emotions are in line, welcomes you to the battle of independence. The museum, wherein all the info of the struggle of independence turned into processed, is presented as a attitude on records.

We start the third day of Ankara tour with Bahçelievler 7. Cadde, the common meeting point of all young people. Breakfast, drink, have a nice time to spend a nice time, closed to traffic for a period of pedestrianization project, but then taken due to objections, abandoned by the young people of Ankara with bird-series vehicles by opening the street with music, the people on the sidewalk is definitely a haunt.

If you like to read books, after breakfast, a small tour of the National Library will make you happy. National Library exit by subway Kızılay square and this time the direction Çankaya. Tunalı Hilmi Street, the stopover point of Ankara visitors, and Kuğulu Park where swans float in the water greet you.

You will have the opportunity to meet the endangered and rare black swan. You get the pleasure of sharing the Ankara Simidini you bought from the bagel with the swans.

After ingesting, the ride to ankara can hold with seymenler park, that is placed underneath the çankaya presidential palace. It’s far a park wherein you may get sufficient of the wedding photographs of the couples who step into marriage in summer, and you may get enough of the greenery inside the middle of ankara with a pool within the middle.

Proper after that, atakule, which puts all of ankara under your ft, comes across us. Whilst you get on the elevator, you go up with excellent pace. It’s far an area that should be visited by way of folks who do now not have a worry of heights in which the affection of the couples is engraved on their walls.

Irrespective of what season you pass, you must usually buy a jacket. With the rotating device inside the tower eating place at the top ground, you could have the hazard to dine with distinctive views from each corner of ankara.

In fact, the trip to Ankara should not be short enough to fit in three days. Places to visit around Ankara should also be given a chance.

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